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Our method

Ecommerce + Concept

Ecomcept Strategy the new concept of doing ecommerce to develop a business that brings great results.

Dedicated solutions

A certified team for the development and management of an ecommerce project.

Choosing Hostinato as your ecommerce project management partner means certainty in technological development according to shared requirements and the acceleration of project growth through objective marketing objectives:

  • Prestashop ecommerce technology development;
  • Increasing the online audience;
  • Turning users into customers;
  • Increase customers by building customer loyalty.
Hostinato partner Prestashop

We help brands and entrepreneurs validate ideas, products or services online before introducing them to the market through digital marketing.

Study of strategy through research, analysis, and development of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) frameworks that enhance product or service.

Study and development of a medium-term and short-term strategy for the development and growth of an ecommerce by analyzing internal and external context.

Study and development of operational planning scheduled on a work calendar with control KPIs to monitor what is planned is working.

Study and planning of advertising activities on major online platforms: Google ADS, Facebook ADS, Amazon Advertising, Criteo.

On-time and Platinum certified technical support on Prestashop ecommerce. Technical and graphical problem solving on online ecommerce. Dedicated technical area for managing support hours and tasks.

Design and development of integrations between technologies for order, customer, product and category management with information enrichment from multiple data sources between ERP, CRM, PIM and Prestashop e-commerce.

Study of strategy to attract customer organically through SEO techniques with preliminary SEO audit and definition of technical operations to make ecommerce in line with the latest Google guidelines.

Developing content marketing editorial plans and copywriting activities for developing organic traffic through SEO optimization of blogs and online product sheets on ecommerce.

Designing and monitoring ADS advertising campaigns to generate online traffic of profiled users and in line with online shop products in addition to improving awareness and brand identity.

Analysis and study of strategies for improving Conversion Rate, one of the key KPIs for ecommerce.

Study of scenarios and development of marketing automation activities for the recovery of abandoned shopping carts using advanced AI technologies.

Study and development of conversion and lead nurturing paths aimed at engaging users to be ready to purchase products and services online.

Study and development of RFM segmentation process for sending communications to customers at the right time.

Study and development of after-sales surveys to ensure a consistent level of quality for its customers.

Integrating ecommerce purchase data on CRM for managing communications to customers in a timely manner.


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Hostinato is
the Partner to develop an e-commerce

Producing an ecommerce that can make shopping a unique experience means making the difference in succeeding online. Hostinato makes this possible.

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We support our customers by structuring strategic and operational plans to create and improve advanced digital platforms for selling online.